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Article: 1PC02201 - Turbo Charge Powerbank 4000mAh Celly  
Brand: Celly
Image: 1PC02201
Highres images: 1PC02201.jpg
Description: Turbo Charge Powerbank 4000mAh. Showing a minimal and modern design, this 4000 mAh power bank is covered with soft-touch material and has faux aluminium edges. It quickly recharges your battery thanks to an input current of 1.5A. It has a universal USB port with recharge current of 1.5A. It is compatible with all devices that have 5V recharge and maximum current of 1.5A such as MP3 readers, GPS navigators, headphones, loudspeakers and Bluetooth® speakers. The 4 LED lights will show remaining charge. Comes in a retail gift box. Plastic. 92g.
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